Things We Learnt As Teens

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Teenage is the most important phase of our lives. Those are the ages that either make or break us. We start off with a dream of finally getting a taste of grown-up life. By the time we reach mid teenage, oh boy! we all know how disastrous it is. Most of us either give up on everyone and hide in our rooms surfing netflix or envy the buzzing social lives of school/college mates on Facebook (I still do that, shame.) or cry over pending homework or just day dream romancing with that fav celeb. But by the end of that phase we realise how much experience we have gained, how much it has changed us.

So here's what we learnt...

1. Putting away your phone for an entire day can actually help you achieve that long lost peace of mind.

2. You cannot make everyone happy at the same time, in the end you'll be blamed for everything and feel like an idiot.

3. No matter how clean you are, how many times you wash your face, how many dermatological products you use, you WILL breakout. You can't help it, those horrible things are going to pop up no matter how much you hate them. (If you're someone whose blessed with good skin, you have the power to make me cry.)

4. Unless you're Lady Gaga, you can never achieve those perfectly equal cat eyes. Either you'll end up redoing it or unwillingly embrace that piece of art you just created.

5. Your BFF will forget you once they're in a relationship. You'll feel shit but you have to deal with it. Sigh.

6. Starving all day doesn't help you achieve that perfect figure. At some point you'll give up, stuff yourself with those delicious chocolate muffins and end up gaining more weight. (Who can resist chocolates anyway?)

7. Red lipstick can make ANYONE look sexy! ;)

8. Getting a boyfriend isn't a compulsion, you'll regret giving up your single and independent life. All your friends maybe posting pictures with their boos, ignore and love yourself, your life.

9. Teachers aren't always right. Getting an 'A' doesn't really change your life.

10. That online friend you made few months or years ago? Yeah, he/she's the one you can always look up to.

What did you learn during your teenage? 

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