Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Weekends are something we all wait for, but sometimes after returning home it is so difficult to enjoy that much awaited weekend cause of all the stress and workload we had the entire week. Most of us feel tired and worn out, but it is important to enjoy your weekend to start your next week with full energy. 

Here are 4 little ways of enjoying the weekend all by yourself and treating yourself with some happiness :

1. Read a book - You must have kept a book in your future reading list since long, right? Go ahead, read it now! Read a genre which you like the most, something that can cheer you up for sure. Imagine yourself snuggled up in bed, sipping a cup of hot chocolate and reading that book. Pure bliss.
P.S Try to keep your phone in silent mode or switched off, keep those distractions at bay.

2. Make something - Are you good at baking? or art and crafts? Make something! I'm not good at baking so I usually try out new craft ideas. This is one thing that can easily divert my mind from stress. Turn up that stereo in the background and make something that will make you feel content. In case you love to bake, you get eat your new invention - double the fun!

3. Pamper yourself - We work all the time which leads to mental, even physical issues. Take some time out and book a spa day for a nice massage or if you're someone like me who doesn't like to spend much, just turn on that oil diffuser and use your favourite essential oil, maybe club it with a home facial? I bet you'll feel refreshed.

4. Go shopping - Shopping is something that can instantly turn on anybody's mood. I haven't seen a single person feeling down after a good hour of shopping. Buy yourself something that you have been eyeing since long. Buy something that's worth your money, it will make you feel happy and content at the same time, but don't go overboard!

These are some of the little things that help me stay positive, what are your ways of keeping yourself happy?

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