5 Nail Paints For October

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Alright, I didn't even realise when October began and we have already reached the mid! Seems like time's running. Anyway, I'm a huge nail varnish addict and not changing nail colours twice or thrice a month doesn't let me rest in peace.

I'm a firm believer that good nails add a lil more glam to every outfit you wear, be it casuals. I like fun, exciting, pastel colours but at the same time I'm a huge fan of bold and dark shades.

This month I have chosen a few of my favourite colours for the month of October. At the moment I'm rocking the Deborah Shine Tech in number 36 which is so autumnal! And almost all the colors that I have picked this month are in darker shades (autumn, right?).

The prices of these nail paints vary in each country. For me, most of these were friendly for my good old purse.

So, here are my top 5 colours at the moment :

1. Maybelline Color Show (Glitter Mania) shade - Bling On The Blue : This shade comes from the separate "Glitter Mania" collection. I was wearing this during the first few days of October and oh my, what a pretty and sparkly shade of blue! One coat is definitely full coverage but I did two out of habit. It has shimmer and a slight tint of silver in it. Goes so well with any casual outfit, looks beautiful during day light.

2. Deborah Shine Tech, shade - 36 : After removing Bling On The Blue, I thought of wearing something darker (dark shades suit me more than lighter ones or maybe I'm just biased). This was the next shade I chose and I'm still wearing it.  Almost two weeks and it still hasn't chipped! Generally my nail paints don't last long but this one's still going strong. This is probably the best Deborah nail paint I have ever tried. It's a dark purple-esque nail paint with green to silver shimmer. I'm lovin' this right now!

3. Maybelline Color Show, shade - Bold Gold : Yep, another one from Maybelline. This shade comes from the "Metallics" collection. It's been long since I purchased this but haven't yet tried it. Apparently, the shade seems gorgeous, plus, I have a thing for metal colours. <3

4. Tips & Toes, shade - 31 Grass : Tips & Toes may not be available in most places but this is one brand that I adore because their shades are so classy yet they come at cheap prices. I bought this one last year, wore it a couple of times and I simply adore it. It's a beautiful shade of leafy green which looks best with double coats. Though most people might recommend it for summers, don't know why I find this colour suitable for October.

5. Avon, shade - Noir Emerald : This probably is the most gorgeous shade of dark green I have ever seen. IT IS SO DARK AND SO GOOD! One coat is enough for it, the texture is shiny and beautiful. This nail varnish definitely lives up to its name, it looks as classy as an emerald. This is the go-to colour for any party this month.

I'm always on the lookout for different nail paints, let me know your October faves! 

Amidst The Hues

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  1. The glitter mania blue one is so pretty! Lovely post :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23

    1. All the colours from the glitter mania collection are gorgeous but this one has such a beautiful shine.

      Thank you so much for dropping by, Georgia!



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